CUH856 Leyland Tiger PS1

Western Welsh Eastern Coach Works Leyland PS1. In service from August 1947 until 1960. Seventy years later, rescued from a derelict state and completely restored… Read More

March 2015

368 XUH368 Leyland Titan

PD2A/30 fitted with Metro-Cammell high-bridge rear entrance lightweight body seating 64 passengers. Delivered new to Cardiff Corporation, one of five identical vehicles in the batch 367-371…Read More

Cardiff 512 MBO512F 2012-09-09 Penarth Pier (TThomas)

512 MBO512F AEC Swift MP2R

Fitted with Alexander B47D+18 standing bodies, new to City of Cardiff Transport in the summer of 1968. This vehicle was one of 20 vehicles of this type purchased for one man operation (OMO)…. Read More

532 PKG532H Daimler Fleetline CRG6

Fitted with Willowbrook/Duple H44/30D body, one of 25 such buses delivered to Cardiff in 1969 mainly for Trolleybus replacement. Split between Roath and Sloper Road Garages, these vehicles were originally a common sight on services 2, 6, 9, 10A/10B. Later, Roath Depot allocated buses settled down on revised services 7, 8 and 9. The Sloper Road vehicles were used more widely, with only service 24 receiving dedicated examples on the introduction of Vide-mat passenger operated ticket machines, for a short time during the early 1970’s.
Our example was in the batch originally operated from Roath Depot, though spending the last years of it’s service life at Cardiff, working from Sloper Road Depot. Our vehicle needs considerable work in all areas to return it to roadworthy condition and must be considered a long term project.

Barry 2011 009

C101HKG Ford Transit

Fitted with Robin Hood B16F minibus body, new to National Welsh in 1986 which heralded the ‘Bustler’ revolution in Barry, this vehicle being the first of over one hundred such vehicles based mainly on either the Transit or Leyland Sherpa chassis. Our Bustler was first acquired in 1996 after finishing it’s service life in the Stagecoach fleet.  It now displays the well remembered Bustler livery of mainly yellow, with red, white and blue stripes.  During 2017/18 it has been brought upto MOT standard following a chassis and running unit overhaul.


497 JKG497F Daimler Fleetline

CRG6 Park Royal H43/31F. This ex City of Cardiff Transport Daimler Fleetline was been transferred to the CTPG from it’s former CTPG private owners and is from 20th April 2005 now a group vehicle. It has recently been repainted into the orange livery which it carried for most of its life with Cardiff.


L358 TAX235 Bristol Lodekka

This ex Red & White Bristol Lodekka LD6G fitted with the standard 60 seat ECW lowbridge body was delivered new to Tredegar Depot during 1958, but subsequently operated from various other depots of Red & White Services Ltd. Originally appearing in the standard Tilling Red and Cream livery until the formation of the National Bus Company when it wore the then new Poppy red and white scheme.After withdrawal and sale by Red & Whitein 1974, it was purchased for school contract work by Mr. Win Griffiths of Globelle Coaches, West Bromwich. It now makes an interesting addition to our collection of buses with origins in, or connections with, south east Wales and will plug a gap in our collection of vehicles of the 1950’s.  It is currently undergoing bodywork restoration to replace the rotten wood in the body.

678 LKG678 AEC Regent V

New to Western Welsh Omnibus Company one of 15 Park Royal 60 seat high-bridge AEC Regent V deckers, fitted with A470 engines and platform doors delivered new in 1956. This bus was brought back from the south of France in January of 2007 and is now in storage awaiting restoration.

1518 TKG518J Leyland Leopard PSU4A/2R

Fitted with Willowbrook B45F body was new in 1971 to Western Welsh Omnibus Co. Ltd later becomming U871 in the (renamed) National Welsh fleet a further re-numbering saw it as U1272 while allocated to Bridgend depot during 1983. During the mid 1980s it was converted to a Tow-bus along with a number of other similar vehicles, receiving fleet number E1058 and at the break-up of National Welsh in the early 1990s became Stagecoach (Red & White) tow-bus RW3 The bus was kindly donated to Cardiff Transport Preservation Group on 12/7/06. below is a potted history of allocations and fleet number changes.  1518 is currently off site undergoing bodywork restoration back to original condition with the addition of a new back end.

  • 4/71 as WWOC 1518 at Barry depot
  • 8/74 renumbered U871
  • 4/75 to Cardiff depot
  • 12/80 to Bridgend depot
  • 1/83 renumbered U1272
  • 8/83 to mothball fleet
  • 1/84 — 12/84 in disposal fleet
  • 1/85 to engineering 1058 @ 532,000 miles. One of 10 similar buses.
  • By 10/85 to tow bus Crosskeys depot
  • By 12/89 to tow bus Brynmawr
  • 2/91 sold to Red & White Services Ltd., Cwmbran becoming RW3.
  • later transferred to Stagecoach ABERDARE Depot.
 IMGP1191 (2)

434 ABO434B Guy Arab V

Neepsend OH37/28R new 1964 owned by CTPG this bus was donated to the CTPG in 2008 by the National Museum of Wales. New to City of Cardiff Transport in 1964, one of 12 Guy Arab V’s fitted with Neepsend rear entrance body it was converted to open-top by Cardiff in 1976 for use on city tour duties along with similar bus 424 ABO424B.  In 2018 434 returned to Cardiff Bus for a full repaint into the open top livery carried since 1976.


3 LNY903 Leyland Titan PD2/12

L55R ex Caerphilly Urban District Council, new in 1951 was purchased by the CTPG during November 2006 from preservationist R. A. Jenkinson of County Durham in who’s care the bus had been for the past 31 years, being stored under cover for the last 15 years. Previously operated from new by Caerphilly Urban District Council and then passing to Shelton-Orsborn Services of Northamptonshire who operated it from January ’69 until February ’75.  Recently restored back to Caerphilly livery, No.3 is awaiting mechanical attention.


68 EDW 68D Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1

Alexander H43/31F new to Newport Transport in 1966 one of the first rear engined buses to enter service. This bus was kindly donated to the group by former owner and preservationist Robert Noakes of Newport.

587 PKG587M Bristol VRT

Ex Cardiff Bristol VRT-SL2-6LX and fitted with Standard ECW LH43/31F body. Acquired on 13/1/07 from BVRES and now stored prior to beginning the necessary work to return it to working order.

14 XNY416 Guy Arab LUF

Ex Aberdare Urban District Council Guy Arab LUF fitted with Longwell Green B44F body new in 1958. No.14 is currently receiving bodywork attention.

889AAX Leyland Tiger Cub

889AAX ex Jones Aberbeeg Leyland Tiger Cub OPSUC1/3T Weymann B44F saloon acquired by the CTPG jointly with group member Revd Patrick Coleman.

Cardiff 407 NDW407X 2013-06-09 Barry Island (TThomas)

407 NDW407X Volvo Ailsa B55-10

ex Cardiff Bus Volvo Ailsa B55-10 MkIII Northern Counties H39/35F new 1982, donated by Cardiff Bus 30/1/08. During 2017/18 407 has been repanelled and repainted in mid life white and orange livery.

258 G258HUH Leyland Lynx Mark 1

Ex Cardiff Bus Leyland Lynx MkI B51F new 1990, donated by Cardiff Bus 30/1/08.  In 2017 258 received a mechanical overhaul followed by some repanelling and repaint into original livery.  First MOT since 2008 was obtained in 2018.


143 N143PTG Optare Metrorider

Cardiff Bus “Clipper” Metrorider This vehicle has now undergone a complete repaint and is currently in the original Cardiff Clipper Bus livery in which it was delivered.


177 OUH177G Leyland Leopard PSU3A/4R

177 OUH177G ex Western Welsh Leyland Leopard PSU3A/4R Plaxton Panorama Elite coach new in 1969.


8 UTG313G AEC Regent V

Ex P.U.D.C and Taff-Ely AEC Regent V, 2MD3RA, Willowbrook H34/26F Built 1969.

The Mercedes at the mini bus running day

41164 P164TNY Mercedes 711D

Ex Stagecoach/Rhondda Buses Mercedes 711 Plaxton Minibus donated by Stagecoach to the CTPG arrived at The Bus Depot Barry 23/1/10.  In 2016 it was repainted back into original Rhondda livery by Stagecoach in time for our Running Day.


HR8215 MUH 289X Leyland Olympian

Ex National Welsh Leyland Olympian ONLXB/1R MUH289X fitted with ECW H45/32F body and delivered new on 29/4/1982 as HR8215. Allocated to Porth Depot during June ’82, re-numbered HR1859 January 1983 when the old Red & White Services numbering system was abandoned in favor of a joint South Wales Transport/National Welsh shared numbering system, (SWT vehicles receiving numbers 1 – 999 and National Welsh from 1000 onward). This was to standardise fleet numbers and eliminate duplication with SWT vehicles, as major overhauls for the western area were to be handled by SWT’s Ravenhill Works. A futher number change occurred at the 1986 re-organisation and privatisation of the two fleets, when the first digit (1) was dropped from all National Welsh fleet numbers. In February ’92 ownership of MUH289X was transferred to Rhondda Buses. Withdrawal came in July ’95 when the then 859 was sold to Armchair Coaches, Brentford, then later to Fargo Coaches, Bracknell by March 2000, the last owner being Peak Bus & Coach, Pinxton, Derbyshire in Oct 2009, the CTPG acquired the vehicle on 21 June 2011.  It has been restored back to National Welsh original condition.


EWO 467 Guy Arab I

Ex 1942 Red & White Guy Arab I, delivered with a utility body but later rebodied in 1950 with a wood framed BBW one it also had its 5LW uprated to a 6LW around the same time.  Later service after R&W saw it work for Howells and Withers and later Provincial, it has been sent for scrap a number of times and been saved however most recently the body was removed, other than the cab, due to its poor condition so we plan to display it as a chassis only showing how a bus looks minus a body.

The Vale of Glamorgan-20130406-00220

13 TUH 13 Albion Nimbus Harrington

Western Welsh 13 TUH 13 Albion Nimbus Harrington DP30F new 1960 has been donated to the CTPG by former owner Ian Evans, for which we thank Ian. The bus has been a lodger at Barry Depot since moving from Swansea in 2008. It is hoped to bring the bus back into use as soon as possible there being some mechanical and body work to be carried out.


L2060 20AAX Bristol FL6G

Red & White L2060 (formerly 20AAX) Bristol FL6G ECW H70RD one of 20 FL type Bristols operated by Red & White Services Ltd. (later National Welsh). This bus is not yet operational, now owned by the CTPG.


107 OUH107 AEC Reliance

Western Welsh 107 OUH107 AEC Reliance 2MU3RV Harrington Wayfarer II C39F built 1958 delivered new to Western Welsh designated by the operator as “Capitol Class”. acquired by the group in December 2012 from previous owner A D Adkins Northamptonshire. This coach will need some work before a return to the road.


6 PAX466F Leyland PD2

Bedwas & Machen 6 PAX466F donated to the CTPG March 2013 after repaint into original livery by TDC Bodyshops, Lydney.


023 N23OBO Dennis Dart Alexander Dash

N23OBO ex Cardiff Bus (023) Dennis Dart/Alexander Dash B40F saloon new 1995 (becoming Cardiff’s first Dennis bus since the lone East Lancs Dominator (051) delivered in 1979), transferred to the Training Fleet in the late 2000s it was purchased by the group and delivered to Barry Depot on 13/9/2013.


Ex Cardiff Bus ERF Wrecker

NUT344W ex Cardiff Bus ERF Wrecker number (073),another group acquisition arriving at Barry Depot Sunday 15/9/2013. This vehicle replaced the long serving AEC Matador acquired by Cardiff Corporation Transport from the MoD in 1947 initially for the towing of new Trolleybuses from the Bruce Coachworks in Pengam, Cardiff to To CCT’s Roath Depot. It was subsequently re-built as a full Towing Wagon and lasted some 35 years unilt being replaced by the ERF in 1983, in turn our newly acquired ERF (NUT344W) gave 30 years service before sale to the group on 15/9/2013 and was the last Gardner engined vehicle at Cardiff Bus.

360 WTG360T Bristol VRT Alexander

Ex Cardiff Bus 360 WTG360T Alexander Bristol VRT convertible open topper, new in 1978, purchased by CTPG during December 2013 from Classic Bus North West, formerly operated by The Crosville Vintage Bus Group at Weston-S-Mare whilst on loan from the former. Initially presented in pseudo Bournemouth livery following service there prior to use in WSM, in July 2017  it has been repainted into the Cardiff Tramway livery it carried during the mid 1980’s.


142 CHB407D Leyland Titan PD3/4

Merthyr Tydfil C T number 142 CHB407D Leyland Titan PD3/4 East Lancs high-bridge body new in 1966, acquired January 2014, by CTPG for display at Barry Depot.

396 CTX396V Bristol VRTSL3

Ex Cardiff Bus Alexander Bristol VRTSL3, 6LXB CTX396V. New 1979 acquired from T.R.C.Coaches of Treorchy, Rhondda. Oct 2014.

FAX69V Leyland Leopard

Plaxton bodied, manual gearbox, Leyland Leopard FAX69V formerly new to Humphreys of Pontypridd, acquired from T.R.C.Coaches of Treorchy, Rhondda, Oct 2014.


792 R792 DHB Volvo B10M

Stagecoach Red & White Volvo B10M with the last Alexander PS body and last high floor saloon deliver to Stagecoach group.  Restored to original livery and rallied by the company until April 2015 when it was presented to the CTPG by John Gould the then MD of Stagecoach South Wales.


C499 FAX Leyland Tiger

Henley’s Abertillery Duple Laser bodied manual gearbox Leyland Tiger, in recent times used by North Somerset Coaches and RCT Council, CTPG purchased this coach in April.

WWN 191 AEC Reliance

New to Neath and Cardiff in 1960 with Harrington bodywork this coach has been restored inside and out by the previous owner.  N&C were once very familiar on the A48 running through the Vale of Glamorgan, we hope to be recreating this soon.

7 JWO 355 AEC Regal III

New to Bedwas & Machen as their No.7 in 1950, it carries a Bruce of Cardiff body built with East Lancs frames.  Purchased directly from the UDC just before Mr. Way was coming to pick it up, John Allan removed the AEC and used it extensively in the 1970’s including the 1974 end of the UDC’s run around all the depots prior to the formation of RVDC.  In later years John took No.7 to South Africa with his family later returning without the bus.  During 2014 the CTPG privately raised the funds to return No.7 to the UK it arrived in January 2015 after a long ferry ride from Durban.  During 2016 the bus received frame and panel work at TDC Lydney followed by a repaint into original livery, during 2017 interior work has been undertaken we hope to have the bus completed during 2018.


EU 9722 Leyland Tiger PS1

New to Griffin with a Lydney body the bus transferred to Red & White with the Griffin fleet, in later years it was converted for use by the MS Society kept at Porth depot.  Active preservation in the early 1970’s followed by a long lay up on a driveway in Chepstow after sale to another preservationist has resulted in the bus being in a rather poor condition.  This should be considered a project requiring a sponsor.


267 J267 UDW Leyland Lynx Mk II

Purchased by the CTPG in May 2015 already painted into original livery by its previous owner Neil Gardner who owned it from 2010. Its current condition is a testament to the work undertaken by Neil during his ownership.


77 P177 VDW Scania N113

Newport 77 has an Alexander Strider body with traditional green moquette  seat covering, after service from 1997 – 2011 it passed to Connexions Buses of York for continued service work until withdrawal in May 2015.  77 was delivered to Barry in July joining our Alexander bodied Atlantean and increases the small number of preserved Newport buses in preservation.

91 K91 BNY Dennis Dart

Rhondda 91 is an early Dennis Dart with Plaxton bodywork, it is part of the initial order by Rhondda Buses following the takeover of Porth and Caerphilly Depots from National Welsh.  91 passed to Stagecoach South Wales and later to South West, it went to North Somerset Coaches after sale from Stagecoach, then to Keith Jones, Bridgend and finally in 2012 to Alpha Coaches, Honiton where it performed a limited mileage each year as a annual festival transport vehicle.  The CTPG purchased it via ebay and drove it to Barry on 26th September 2015.  It was restored between 2016/17 into original condition.

141 F41 YHB Scania N113

Originally a closed top double decker with Newport Bus as its number 41 with a Alexander RH body on a Scania chassis, in fact the first N113 double decker bodied in the UK. It was converted to open top by Newport renumbered 141 and used on City Sightseeing tours until 2014 when it was decided to give up this franchise. Always stored undercover by Newport the CTPG purchased 141 early in 2016.

XWO 911 Leyland Leopard L1

1959 Leyland Leopard L1, with Burlingham body work, new to Hills of Tredegar.  This is thought to be the oldest Leopard still in existence, restored by its second official owners from new and kept in Pontypool for many years the CTPG purchased this important bus in the summer of 2016 for ongoing preservation to prevent it being sold outside the area.

Our mark 1 National arrives at the museum

AWN 815V Leyland National

1979 Leyland National 1 new to South Wales Transport as their 815, it was their last mark 1.  Later 815 ran for Brewers before being sold directly out of service to a company located near Rhoose Airport, it was saved for preservation by Lee Handford and has been retained by the SWT collection until a recent down sizing.  As no other Welsh National’s were available we decided this was our only chance to save one within the CTPG collection, it will be restored into original poppy red and white.


FNY 933 Bristol K6A

1944 Bristol K6A new to Pontypridd as their no.40, it has a Park Royal utility body that has been very well preserved with few modifications.  We aim to complete the restoration into original form that was started by the previous owner who purchased the bus from the Winkleigh collection in 1992 and drove the bus to Ipswich.  This is a very important addition into our collection.

457 KTG AEC Regent V

1961 AEC Regent V with Metro Cammell bodywork, new to Rhondda 457 later saw service with Roselyn Coaches of Par, Cornwall and later became a driving trainer with SY Training in Sheffield.  It was purchased and returned to the Rhondda in the care of the Heritage Park where it was rallied and restored over the 1990’s and 2000’s until it was donated to the CTPG via the Friends of the Heritage Park in 2016.

ODE 182 Sentinel

ODE 182 Sentinel

New to Edwards Bros, Crymmych, Pembrokeshire in 1952 arrived at Barry on Sunday 13th November. It has a body framed by Welsh Metal Industries of Caerphilly and chassis and running gear from just over the Welsh border in Shrewsbury where Sentinel were based, it is a rare STC6 meaning it has a 6 cylinder engine. It sat at Crymmych for decades after withdrawal but was saved in the early 1990’s in more recent times it has lived in Yorkshire where previous owner John Hinchliffe restored the majority of the body and interior, he recently decided to concentrate on his other bus and so placed this important vehicle on ebay. ODE and spare engine are now safely back in Wales for the completion of the restoration. Anyone with information on the bus or original livery colours is asked to make contact.

X184 CTG Dennis Dart Plaxton Pointer

Cardiff 184, our first low floor bus has arrived directly from Cardiff Bus in May 2017, it was recently used as an engineering vehicle receiving the fleet number E184.  184 out lived the rest of the batch by a few years, it was retained by Cardiff as it was known to be the best runner, it carries the current fleet livery and it in good condition.

TG6311 AEC Regent

1933 AEC Regent chassis new to Rhondda Tramways as its 111 with a Weymann body withdrawn in 1946 and sold via JH Lewis & Co of Cardiff, in 1947 Welsh Metal Industries rebuilt the body to use the bus as a demonstrator.  WMI were a Caerphilly based company with an aircraft  background, they used these skills to design an all Aluminium body which they hoped would maintain the business post war. Unfortunately orders were not good and those that were purchased had reported short lives due to body movement.  The demonstrator was sold in 1950 onto Yeomans of Canon Pyon, Herefordshire after a year with Radnorshire Motor Services.  Shortly after Yeomans converted it into a living van minus all running gear for the staff to use, the bus located in North Wales and remained until 1952 when it was dragged back to Herefordshire and sold onto Mr Bayley who moved it to his yard at Pembridge.  60 years later and very overgrown this very Welsh bus was dragged from the yard and travelled back to Wales.

YTH 815 Guy Arab IV Massey

1962 Guy Arab new to Rees & Williams of Tycroes, fitted with a traditional Massey lowbridge body, it has a Johannesburg front and platform door.  After service in West Wales the Guy was purchased by Warstone Motors of Great Wyrley where it served until purchased for preservation.  After storage at Pembrey where extensive vandalism reduced it to a shell, it later moved to Swansea and then in 2017 to Barry where it was adopted into our collection.

LCY 299X Bedford YMQS

1982 Bedford with rare Lex Maxeta bodywork was new to South Wales Transport as a replacement for Regent V’s on the Pennard route.  Their stay was only short as the tight tight corner in Murton, Gower was widened allowing conventional Bristol VRT’s to be used.  299 ran for Alder Valley and The Bee Line, it was reregistered RIB 7018 when running for R & I Buses in Milton Keynes and was later registered YLW 895X, finally withdrawn by Dobson’s.  The original number plate has now been reassigned, the bus appears to be in reasonable condition.

Y377 GAX Dennis SPD

377 is a 2001 Dennis SPD with Plaxton bodywork, it is the last Euro 2 Cummins engined bus in the active service fleet.  377 is painted in the Cardiff Links livery of overall orange and in good condition overall with the normal in service bits to be tidied up however the interior is very good.

LTX 311 Leyland Ps2

LTX 311 is a 1950’s Leyland Ps2 with Massey bodywork.


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