Fitted with Alexander B47D+18 standing bodies, new to City of Cardiff Transport in the summer of 1968. This vehicle was one of 20 vehicles of this type purchased for one man operation (OMO), a description later changed, for the sake of ‘political correctness’ to one person operation (OPO).
The low driving position was not liked, with passengers looking down on the driver. They were underpowered and tended to overheat fairly easily. In a radical change of direction, they were Cardiffs first buses with a centre exit, first high capacity saloons, and marked a move away from conductor operated buses.
These vehicles lasted until ousted by the inevitable Leyland Nationals in the mid 1970’s. The bus has now been restored to the original livery, and a rebuilt AEC AH505 power unit has been fitted. As with Cardiff this Swift has provided many challenges to our fitters.


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