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We get a number of emails through the site and have created this page to answer the most frequently asked questions.


Please fill in the form and return to the bus depot along with payment for the year ( ). Thank you for taking the time to join and welcome to the group.
YES – we cannot gain direct financial benefit or hire our vehicles out however please get in contact with us. Anything that promotes the group is good and we may be able to help ( ).


YES – if you are a group member by arrangement. Please fill in the contact form ( ). We will then be able to ensure we do not leave without you!
YES – we organize 2 rallies a year. One in Merthyr Tydfil and the other in Barry Island. More information will be posted on the website nearer to the events. If you would like to know more now, contact us ( ).


If traveling a long way, please contact us to avoid disappointment:

YES – We love sharing our passion with others. The opening times are listed on the right of every page (in the opening times section). Photography is actively encouraged. It is great seeing photos taken by others at the museum.

YES – We have had a number of group visits over the years from groups throughout the country. Please fill in the contact us form which can be found here:
YES – By arrangement. Please fill in the contact form ( ).
YES – People from all walks of life come and volunteer at the bus museum. It is great fun. Fill in the contact form ( ) or drop down the depot when open (opening times on right of page).


NO – Unfortunately we cannot hire our vehicles for hire or reward.
YES – the goal of the group is to preserve Welsh buses/coaches. In the past we have provided an open top bus for local athletes to tour the town. We are only a charity however and cannot hire or gain a direct financial reward from the work. Please fill in the contact form if you are interested in pursuing this ( ).
NO – some of our vehicles are priceless and we only let those on it we trust. Join the group though and get involved and you may get an opportunity.
YES – period advertising would be allowed on the buses, with all the proceeds going towards the running of the group. Please contact us to discuss what you would like to do ( ).


YES – everything donated can be used to help the group preserve Welsh buses. Some of the donations end up being displayed in the museum. Others are sold on the sales stand. Please fill in the contact form here if you would like to make a donation
YES – Keeping our collection on the road get harder as the vehicles got older. Not only that but we are always on the look out for new vehicles to add to our collection. Please fill in the contact form ( ).
YES – all donations are gratefully received and we have a number of vehicles which are actively supported through donations from some of the members of the group. Please fill in the contact form with information on what you would like to sponsor. ( ).
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