IMGP1345 (2)
LNY 536D 1965 Leyland PD2/Massey
Caerphilly 36 was the last lowbridge bodied bus purchased by Caerphilly UDC ending a long tradition, the next double deckers were of high bridge type in 1968. 36 passed to Rhymney Valley DC and into preservation on withdrawl. After several years in Scotland it returned to Wales in 2006,  it has been resident at the Depot since 2014 and it now part of the active fleet following a major mechanical overhaul. Owned by Alan Roberts
OAX 9F ns 2 OAX 9F 1968 Bristol RELH / ECW
Red&White RC.968 was one of 32 similar coaches bought by the company between 1966 and 1969 for express services and tours work. She was downgraded to dual-purpose work in 1978 and withdrawn by National Welsh in 1983. Since then has had six different preservationist owners. Much body restoration undertaken in 2013 by the present owner, Jonathan Radley.

DNY 534V 1979 Leyland Leopard / Marshall
IBT 34 was initially sold for spares to a preservation group but was found to be in relatively good condition and returned to South Wales for restoration. Owned by Mark Barnet
IMGP1203 (2) GAX 137W 1980 Leyland Leopard / Marshall
Islwyn Borough Transport 37, passed to IBT at deregulation and after a long service career directly into preservation with the current owner.  After an extensive rebuild the bus is presented in the last livery it carried.   Owned by Martyn Evans
YBO 16T 1979 Leyland Leopard / East Lancs
Rhymney Valley 16, passed to Inter Valley Link in 1986 and then several owners including G&G Leamington ending up with Farleigh Coaches after which it passed into preservation in 2008.  The current owner has recently painted it into original livery.
Owned by Martyn Evans
IMG-20120421-00005 JHB 165N 1976 Bedford YRT / DupleNew to Evans, New Tredegar with rare in preservation Duple Dominant I bodywork, the coach later ran for Hayton, Burnage before entering preservation.  Now returned to original livery following an extensive restoration.  Owned by Martyn Evans
GNY 432C 1964 Leyland PD3/Massey
New to Caerphilly UDC as its No. 32 it passed to Rhymney Valley DC in 1974 when the UDC were amalgamated, following withdrawal in 1981 it was purchased by Green Bus Services and was used around Cannock until 2002.  In 2006 it was purchased off Ebay, over the following 6 years it was restored to original condition, in 2014 its clutch was replaced and is now part of the active CTPG fleet. Owned by Mike Taylor
HWO 323 1950 Leyland PS1/Lydney
New to Red & White after the sell out to the Tillings Group but ordered by the original Red & White and bodied at their associated bodyworks in Lydney.  Owned by Martin Bowering and on loan to the CTPG.
DSCF0136 (2) JAX 117E 1966 Bristol MW / ECW
New to Red & White as U1766, this is a very late model Bristol MW and the last new to Red & White.  It has been in preservation with several owners since withdrawl, restored to original livery and a regular visitor to Barry.  Owned by David Bateman
IMG_3138 FUH 370D 1964 Leyland Tiger Cub / Park Royal
Always a Crosskeys bus, 1370 was a regular sight in the Sirhowy valley for its entire service life.During summer 1966, the fashionable but impractical heating and ventilation system was mostly removed, though the main radiator still heats the interior.  NBC poppy red was applied in 1972, then business as usual until 1979 when sold by National Welsh for further use with the National Coal Board. Sold into preservation to present owners in 1985, after the miners strike. Owned by 408 Group
408DBO_C25006 408 DBO 1963 AEC Regent V / East Lancs
New in December 1963, this heavyweight Regent featured the larger AV590 engine, synchromesh gearbox and air brakes. 408 was the first without black lining between the crimson and cream panels- a feature abandoned at that point. An early addition was extra stowage space for a childs push chair, an idea inspired by slightly later buses. Repainted on several occasions, but looking more and more drab as the areas of cream were reduced. The final repaint was into orange about 1974, the oldest buses so treated. The Regents were popular with drivers, and outlasted many less welcoming Leyland and Guy contemporaries. Initially appearing widely across the city, in later years the rise of driver-only buses concentrated the remaining half cabs to the busy Ely, Llanrumney and Pentwyn services. The end came in 1979 when Cardiff laid off its last conductor, with 408 passing (with others) to scrapman Bill Way, and soon after to the present owners. Owned by 408 Group
IMGP1467A KNY 495D 1964 AEC Regent V / Northern Counties
New to Rhondda Transport as its No. 495 the bus passed to National Welsh and on withdrawal was immediately purchased by its current owner.  495 has been stored at the old Maritime Museum in Cardiff and the Rhondda Heritage Park in the past but has been resident at the Depot since the beginning and has been part of the active fleet for most of that time.  Owned by Martin Doe
IMGP1994aa ABW 225D 1964 Regent V / Metsec
New to KMB in Hong Kong and rebuilt during service to two door one man operated configuration.  The current owner repatriated the bus back to the UK, following initial storage at Oxford the bus came to Barry a number of years ago shortly after a repaint by Thamesdown.  Owned by John Shearman
LUH105P_D40138 LUH 105P 1976 Bristol LHS/ECW
New to Cardiff 105 was half of a pair purchased for commuter services but in reality was little used, in the early 1990’s the existing midibuses were used briefly on the new mini bus routes before new Clipper Metroriders arrived.  Sold to Trimdon with all the other Cardiff LH’s, 105 is painted in original livery.  Owned by Mike Taylor
New to London Transport these buses were short lived with LT and proved an attractive purchase by many other companies when they were withdrawn.  Purchased by Rhymney Valley DC as its No. 31 with 3 sisters the LH was later sold to Trimdon and finally to Tally Ho! who operated a large fleet of LH’s.  Purchased in 2006 it has been repainted into RVDC livery.  Owned by Mike Taylor
IMGP2664A EDV 505D 1964 Bristol MW / ECW
New to Western National’s Royal Blue coach fleet
Owned by Richard Johnson
merthyr8 VLT 244 1960 RM / Park Royal
Owned by Peter Taylor
DJP 754 Leyland PD2 / Northern Counties
New to Wigan as its 115, owned by Glyn Millington
IMG-20140927-00244 HWO 342 1949 Guy Arab III / Duple
Duple bodied Guy Arab double deckers were only issued new to Red & White and Barton and HWO 342 is the second survivor of the Red & White batch.  Mostly allocated to Chepstow depot for the long Gloucester-Cardiff route, it was regularly crewed during 1959 and 1960 by Ken Morgan and his future wife Shirley who rescued and now own the vehicle.  Ken himself went on to drive for Associated Motorway services, and – after leaving Red & White in 1968 – HWO 342 spent a further three years working in Scotland before being left to deteriorate for over 20 years.  It was finally restored in 2003.  Owned by Ken & Shirley Morgan and on loan to the CTPG
IMG_3139 WVJ 181T 1979 Bedford VAS / Plaxton
New to Evans New Tredegar and recently repainted into new condition. Owned by Martyn Evans
IMG_3153 960 HTT 1962 AEC Reliance / Willowbrook Viscount
New to Grey Cars with a 7’6″ 41-seat body for tour work in the lanes of Devon, purchased from second owner Tally Ho! Stephen Wren has owned the coach for many years.
WP_20150704_032 WUH 570K 1970 Daimler Fleetline / MCW
WUH 584K 1970 Daimler Fleetline / MCW
F238 CNY 1989 Leyland Lynx
Owned by Anthony Brewer
10469008_10152903845451948_8792990315351743996_o C41 GKG Leyland Tiger / East Lancs
Owned by Thomas Hamer
IMG_8834 ABO 145B AEC Reliance / Harrington
New to Western Welsh as its No.145 and restored to original livery.
Owned by Keith Severn
WP_20160227_001 EWO 460K Leyland Leopard / Plaxton
New to Hills of Tredegar, recently restored by current owner Paul Smith of Tredegar
PTX 830F AEC Reliance / Plaxton
New to Neath and Cardiff and a familiar performer on the A48 through the Vale, later passing to Western Welsh when N&C was closed and used on local services in DP livery.  It has been owned by Jeff Phillips since withdrawal.
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