The bank holiday saw a team of members begin to refresh the pits. Below is a before photo. It has been a good few years since they were last painted (I think getting on for 10). Off the left hand side of the photo is Mike working the steamer around the top of the pits whilst I followed with a squegy (sp?) and broom. We managed to move all the buses off the pits bar one. I cannot remember the last time the pits were that empty.
Steam cleaning the pits
After it had dried we applied the first coat of red paint to the floor (rollered) and to to the sides which the boards slot into (with a brush). Next morning we continued on the pits. Below is a photo showing pit number 1 before starting work on it.
We went round and brushed around the outside and added the first layer of yellow to the edge. Below is a photo showing half of pit one being painted.
and some photos of the group of people who helped do it!
The walls of the pit have been painted white and red applied to the “skirt” which runs around the wall. Below is a photo of the pit 1  at the end of the day.
Still work to do to finish it off. It was very rewarding. If you would like to help, please email / pm us and pop down. We are a friendly group and people and this sort of wok is great fun.

May 30th, 2016

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