Cardiff AEC Swift 512 has been proving a challenge to the CTPG as much as the batch did when in service, following problems with the fuel pump, tyres and fan drive the hydraulic throttle decided to cause problems last year after a successful MOT resulting in 512 being on the pits for almost a year. However some progress has been made with the fitting of a new cable and rod throttle system from a more modern bus, however further problems were found with a water pipe and the air release valve which had our fitters grinding their teeth but these are now also repaired and we now hope for another MOT in time for Merthyr.
WP_20150808_002 Throttle rod linking the new cable to the fuel pump
WP_20150808_003 New pedal
WP_20150815_002 New water pipe
WP_20150815_003 Reconditioned air release valve

August 16th, 2015

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